Online Seminar: Introduction into the exercises for Emotional First Aid / stressregulation by Kati Bohnet

Date(s) - 03.07.2020
17:00 - 19:30

Kati Bohnet


Trainerin: Kati Bohnet

Veranstaltungsort: online – Zoom

This introductory webinar is aimed at people who want to learn easy-to-use exercises based on the neurobiological functioning of our nervous system in stressful conditions and who would like to learn more about the background.

What you will learn:

You will after the seminar

  • can use the exercises for emotional first aid / stress regulation compiled by Kati Bohnet
  • get the important neurobiological background for the exercise understandable for everyone
  • have the opportunity to register for the multiplier seminar (train the trainer) so that the exercises can be passed on in workshops

The exercises for emotional first aid / stress regulation are suitable for stress, tension, panic attacks, sleep problems, anxiety, insecurity, stage fright, aggression, grief, exhaustion, inner restlessness, anger, nervousness, difficulty concentrating, learning difficulties, depression, etc.

The exercises help us to regulate stress and support our nervous system in a playful and physical way to return to a regulated, calmer state. They are based on the priciples of Somatic Experiencing (SE) and the Polyvagal Theory.

For children of kindergarten and elementary school age, Kati Bohnet has embedded the exercises in the story of the butterfly Jona in a child-friendly way. For example, teachers, parents and other caregivers can use these stress control exercises with young children in a group or individually in the morning, before eating, for lunch, before class work and lectures, at bedtime or when excited, thus supporting their nervous system to get into a state in which rest, relaxation, mindfulness and social contact are possible.

The exercises for emotional first aid / stress regulation do not replace a visit to specialist doctors and therapists. If you have serious and / or long-lasting complaints, please contact a specialist.

More information and enrollment here:

Dipl.-Math. Kati Bohnet (alternative practitioner for psychotherapy)
Kati Bohnet is an integrative Gestalt therapist and Somatic Experiencing (SE) ® practitioner (SEP) in her own practice in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Her work focuses on coping with trauma in adults and children.
She is the founder and director of the education center and network helpers circle, with which she wants to bring the knowledge of trauma, self-regulation and self-protection for helpers more into the focus of society.
Since 2009 Kati Bohnet has been teaching regularly at universities, associations, in the helpers circle educational center, for the DRK Landesverband Schleswig Holstein and the Berlin Senate on trauma.
The teachings of Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Kathy Kain and Ale Duarte and her diverse “everyday experiences” from practice. She was part of the organizational team of the 2nd European Conference for Somatic Experiencing 2018 in Potsdam and is an assistant in SE training.


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